Upcoming Shows

Coming soon, a few pieces will be on display at the following venues. If you are in the neighbourhood, drop in for a closer look. Foyer Gallery: “Currents”, March 14 – April 2 Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean arteast: “Spring Flair”, March 10 – May 5 Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, 1490 Youville Drive, Orléans


For 2023, I will be focusing on showing my work at the Foyer Gallery. This is a group run gallery located in the Nepean Sportsplex (Gate 1), 1701 Woodroffe Ave. This coming week we will hang our Big and Small show, which will run from January 31 to February 19. My painting “On the way”Continue reading “Updates”

First Snow Gatineau

The outlines painted by the snow are striking. Just love the Gatineau Park scenery. For a look, please check out by Winter page. #acrylic, #landscapepainting, #landscape, #trees, #winter, #falls, #dunlop, #gatineaupark

Old path in the woods

Off a main trail at Mer Bleue, this path could have been at some time, a trail used by deer to get to the grassy fields below. Another one of my more abstract exercises, hoping to develop a looser style. For a closer look, please check out my Fall page. #acrylicpainting, #landscapepainting, #landscape, #trees, #merebleue 

On the way

Walking among these magnificent Japanese cedar, a pilgrim makes his way to the Takio shrine one of many Shinto forest shrines in Nikko, Japan. Passing under the Torri (gate), the pilgrim makes his way thru the sacred grove that is believed to shelter and protect this forest shrine. A central tenet of Shinto is reverenceContinue reading “On the way”


Got out for a breath of fresh air (quite fresh). Have been watching this barn slowly being reclaimed by nature. Had to try to capture its sunset. I was privileged to have hundreds of Canada geese do a flyby. They wanted to land in the fields beyond. I’m sorry but I think my standing thereContinue reading “Going”

Abbaye de Sénanque

Had a wonderful time painting this iconic scene from Provence, France, in a zoom class by Danielle Beaulieu. Danielle creates a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere. Gives easy to follow instructions and is very informative. Easy enjoyable learning. Recommend it. Check out her site http://daniellebeaulieuwatercolours.com . Watercolour, 12×16 on Fabriano 140lb Cold Press paper #abbedesenanque, #provence, #lavendar,Continue reading “Abbaye de Sénanque”

Arteast Mosaic 2022

If you are in the neighbourhood, come see my piece “Spring among the birches” and a lot of beautiful art from the Arteast members, on display Sep 15-Oct 18. Better still, join us at the vernissage on Tuesday, October 18, 6-8 pm. It would be great to see you there.

On the road again, Shenkman Arts Centre, Aug 10 – Sep 14

Looking forward to showing my piece, “Larnod”, as part of this exhibit with the Foyer Gallery.Come see all the work on offer and meet the artists at the Reception: Friday, August 19, 6-8pm The GIVEAWAY of the paintings based on your summer photos, including my “Sangria“, will take place at the reception. #ottawa #ottawaart #ottawaartgallery #ottawaartscene#thingstodo613 #ottawaevents #ottcity #613 #613events #artshow#vernissage #giveaway #artinperson #inperson


A long awaited harbinger of spring, the cherry blossoms finally bloom in late May. We are lucky to have a tree in our backyard. It has gone through some rough times but is still hanging on and again put out a magnificent display this year. An unexpected hot spell forced the buds open almost allContinue reading “Blossoms”

Arteast Exhibition – June 2 to August 9

Looking forward to showing my Piece “Lac Mulhivill” from Gatineau Park at the upcoming Arteast Exhibition. There will be a Vernissage on June 7, 6-8pm, so if you are in the area, please drop in and have a look at all the beautiful pieces from the group. #landscape, #landscapepainting, #gatineupark, #acrylicpainting

Leaves on Lac Carman

Fresh off the easel and drying, another from my Gatineau Park fall series. Memories of October in Gatineau Park. Winter can be beautiful, but its nice to dream inside in the warm. Can still smell nature’s composting the leaves of summer. See it on Featured Pieces


Latest in Featured Pieces… another from Gatineau Park Based on a reference taken in October, a gorgeous fall day in Gatineau Park. The quiet and calm of this spot was captivating. Near a trail, it nevertheless felt untouched by people. In fact, probably few would have paused … these woods remind me of Robert Frosts’Continue reading “Quiet”

Petrie November

Was a chill afternoon on Petrie Island. The lagoon has a thin coating of ice. It is the season of shapes and light, but not as much colour. November has the freshest breath, not to cold and still with the fall scents. Sunset comes early now.

Ardeth’s Tree, Dominion Arboretum

120 years young this beautiful Bebb’s oak, which is a natural hybrid of white oak and bur oak, will have many more centuries despite suffering significant damage in a violent storm in 2017. Over 5 feet across at it’s base with a span of nearly 19 feet, it is majestic. It is a member ofContinue reading “Ardeth’s Tree, Dominion Arboretum”

Beautiful Fall

I’ve been really remiss in not posting. It has been a hectic time. Here’s a few pics of the fall colours, some of which will make it into upcoming paintings. Hope you were able to get out and enjoy the last of the warm weather.

Hot, hazy day

End of July and we are on the down side of summer. Monarchs are busy fueling up for the coming long flight. Sunflowers are in brilliant bloom. Crops are well along and first (?) hay already rolled.


English weather today. Rain was welcome today ( … not enough for the farmers unfortunately). Refreshing. (Picture news: 36×24 piece in the works, called Trillium Woods, featuring these beautiful flowers in a woodland setting. References taken off the bike path near Greens Creek.)

Hogs Back

Stay at home order lifted finally. After the dry month we’ve had, the water is low. Wonder what the area looked like before Colonel By had the lock station built.

Trout Lillies

Brilliant day again. Chill wind kept the flowers moving but couldn’t help feeling warm and spring optimistic. The trillium haven’t come out yet, but probably next in line. (iPhone 11pro, Affinity Photo for post processing 

Blue Spring

Spring is slowly breaking thru last year’s leaves. With the blanket of snow gone, things are drying out quickly and looks more like fall. Looking forward to things greening up.

Gatineau Spring

Brilliant spring day today. The run off is in full strength. Everything is waking up. Glimpsed a mink crossing the road. Wish I was fast enough to capture a pic. Was completely unexpected. Nice surprise. So many sights, hard to drink it all in.

Redesigned Site

Finally found time to organize my site. Always painting wins out to doing this kind of stuff, but eventually things were getting out of hand and I had to find the time to do some spring cleaning. Hope you find this format easier to navigate.