Petrie Gold

It was one of those beautiful, bittersweet days – sun, brilliant blue sky with cotton ball clouds scudding by. Warm when the sun was out but chilled when a cloud cast a shadow tracing over the landscape. It was a day to wake up and appreciate the brief remaining days before winter moves in. Nature put on its best show of gold, bronze and rust. Ref. Featured Pieces

Published by istvanjobst

One voice in 7 billion. Insignificant. What if we all spoke at once? Ear-splitting!! What if we all stopped to listen? Maybe, compassion.

2 thoughts on “Petrie Gold

  1. This painting is just breathtaking! You are so talented. There something in that painting that moves me.

    It is well worth the price you ask for and I wish I could afford it at this moment.

    Ruth >


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