Break up continues on the Ottawa

A beautiful couple of hours at Petrie this morning. The air was pure spring, refreshing but warm. The sun was brilliant and spring was definitely in the air. The soundscape was just the gentle rustling of the ice moving downstream as it touched the edge of the still frozen bits along the shore.

And then there was the honking of the Canada geese returning from their trip down south. Can’t help feeling glad when I hear that. I know we don’t get along very well as the summer goes on. I am still sad when they leave in the fall and still in awe of them and the other migrants that travel huge distances for their winter survival.

Just to see them all arrive and honking, seems like they are delighted to arrive, glad the trip is over again and excited… all V-discipline evaporated, especially among what I assume the juvenile delinquents.

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One voice in 7 billion. Insignificant. What if we all spoke at once? Ear-splitting!! What if we all stopped to listen? Maybe, compassion.

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