As long as I live, I will give you air to breath

I invite you to have a look at my latest in Featured Pieces. I admit, I have a thing for tress and this one was special. I visited and photographed this tree in the fall with the plan to paint it. It was fun to paint and kept thinking how in our busy lives (yes even retired people have busy lives), we mindlessly skip by things we should take more note of. Our beautiful and increasingly scare long lived trees and what they do for us is one that particularly affects me.

This beautiful Bebb’s Oak is about 120 years young. In our great great grandparents time it was transplanted to become part of the Dominion Arboretum which was established in 1898. This rare natural hybrid of white and bur oak is a member of a family of ancient trees. In 2017 a violent storm downed two of its large branches and tore away a third of its trunk. Despite this, it is a survivor and expected to recover and continue growing. Unless we destroy it willfully or thru neglect, it could live for another 1000 years into the early 2300’s.

Both for its impressive physical proportions and the timescale of its life, it commands our awe and respect and for its contribution to the air we breath, our gratitude.

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