Fall Lake

Based on a couple of photos in Gatineau Park, near Lac Carman this October, this is a study in colours (warm vs cool, complementaries, and values).

The inspiration is Tom Thomson’s sketch on panel: “Red Leaves” (1914) and his painting: “The Pool” (1915-16). Both are part of the National Gallery’s collection and are worth a close up look. Get really close to see the complexity of the images, Tom’s extrordinary skill, strength and mastering in capturing the feel of the Canadian bush. The commercial images on calendars, postcards and mugs just don’t do justice to his work.

… I didn’t come remotely close of course but it was fun and sobering. I’ll definitely go back again to look some more and maybe a little more will sink in.

This piece has found a new home. If you would like a look, please check it out on the Private Collections page.

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