Royal Purple

From as early as the fourteenth century BCE, purple was only for the rich and powerful. (Read all about it and more in “The World According to Color” by Dr. James Fox – excellent book! Recommend it.)

Nowadays we take it for granted, as we often do for many other colours. Like many painters, its easy to invest in the local art supplies store and buy a tube of the stuff or its component colours and then of course struggle to make it seem as brilliant and alluring as Mother Nature’s display.

Tried to do it justice on these gorgeous irises in our back garden. 

For a look at how I did, please go to the Featured Pieces page.

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One voice in 7 billion. Insignificant. What if we all spoke at once? Ear-splitting!! What if we all stopped to listen? Maybe, compassion.

2 thoughts on “Royal Purple

  1. There is no question…you did it justice and more. They are just striking!

    You are a great naturalist painter.




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