On the verge of summer

Warm in the sun, not quite the hot of summer but still nicer to be under the shade of the now mostly leafed trees.

I heard her before I saw her, a beautiful pileated woodpecker. A flash of red among the young green ground cover. A surprise on the ground like that. I stood a while watching as she bobbed her head up and down.

I have to remind myself to enjoy the moment instead of trying to catch that perfect shot. Patience is still something I have to work on. Predictably as I tried to switch to a telephoto lens, she flew off and called out with a mocking cry somewhere up in the trees, out of sight.

It only seemed fit, I paint her into the picture. It is her wood more than mine.

PS. I really can’t tell the difference whether it was a male or female, but I liked to think it was a female foraging for ants, beetle larvae and termites for her young.

For a better look, check out my Featured Pieces page.

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