Down by the Rideau

Acrylic, 30×40 on gallery wrap canvas

Another beautiful day in June, down by the river. Lots of windfalls about. New homes, shade and shelter for the river population. Decomposing starts. Not in a hurry, the fallen trees will return to the soil in about a hundred years but will be a source of food energy for a lot of wildlife along the way.

There were lots of Canada geese and mallard ducks about. Signs warning people not to feed but the birds don’t know that. Best image was a mother duck shepherding a couple of ducklings to join the crowd of moochers. Just had to be wary of the heavyweights in the crowd, the geese.

(If you were expecting to see some of the water foul, they are camera shy and a little downstream to the left, LOL)

For a better look, check out my Featured Pieces page

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